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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats – Get Zeni and Dragon Stones

Who doesn’t know about Dragon Ball Z, a famous Japanese series? This series with million or you can call it billion of fans is popular over the globe. Even there are some of the awesome products available on DBZ and video games are one of them. Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle is a mobile title from Akatsuki with millions of download in couple months.

There are lots of interactive things offered in this game where graphics make it one of them best. On the other hand, there are lots of characters with realistic visuals that are making it advanced game. I started playing this game few months back when it was downloaded by thousands of users. I really loved the app smoothness. However, in-game currency was the biggest issue. But, Dragon Ball Z dokkan Battle Cheats helped me gain sufficient amount of currencies and progressing with ease.

By such programs, there is no need of spending money on the in-app purchases option which make things easier and reliable. It assisted me many times. However, there are some key tips that you can try out and gain enormous number of benefits.

Essential Tips To Begin With

Lots of important things are in this game and one can easily mess up while finding the best one. So, if you don’t want to get into any kind of issue then it is really important that you focus on the important one by checking out this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Review  –

  1. Dragon Stone is the primary currency of the game. You need to spend these wisely otherwise chances of ending up wasting all are higher. First of all, collect sufficient amount of stones and if you are not able to then try out micro-transactions. Not interested in spending money on such things? Well, no need to worry about it anymore. You can use Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack and resolve all the issues with ease.
  2. Upgrades are playing vital role to progress. You have to focus on the collection of maximum number of resources possible so that you can spend without any issue. Zeni is the premium currency in this game and you can collect a decent amount easily. As you have both resources then you can spend these on players and their progression. Even zeni are convertible which means that you will avail dragon stones way easily.

These two are important things that you should look for. If you don’t want to mess up then there are few more to know about.

Gain Bonus

If you want to gain more bonus and rewards then it can be done by tracking all seven balls in the game. On the other hand, you get the option to decide what you want. You can demand for more allies which will increase the slot by one. It is quite helpful and used by thousands of gamers.

Daily Reward



You should not miss the daily reward bonus which is provided on daily login. Just open the game for few seconds everyday even you are not playing much. Most short burst gamers turn on the notifications and click on it to open game. By this, they don’t miss a single thing and it is quite helpful in many ways.

There is daily reward bonus for daily events. You can easily win in such matches and these can let you collect a good amount of resources easily. Lots of people are using this method and you can also try it out to get rid of all the issues. A small amount earning will turn out big so don’t miss a single chance to gain resources. It is most used tip by expert gamers.

Character Type

It is really important that you know the character type otherwise progression isn’t easier at all. Just focus on right type and if you can’t progress in the campaign mode then there is need of upgrade. You may know the basic of Ki sphere but do you know that it doesn’t damage the character. There is a color rule that you have to learn. You must focus on tutorial and tweaks offered by developers because these matters a lot to progress. Otherwise progression is quite typical.

Summon Tip

As you will be summoning other character in the needy hour and taking over the opponent or sometimes not, right? But, do you know that there is a simple trick to summon. You should summon a character when the opponent is about to hit you and use the character that is powerful again Ki sphere. You need to have a basic knowledge about the right color type before using it. If you want some of the best players in your team then you need to spend resources. Use Drgao Ball Z dokkan Battle cheats to obtain dragon stones and zenis free of cost.

Dokkan Battle Hack


3 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

  1. I really love this game but I never pull any good unit so today I decided to test this out since a lot of my friends recommended it to me!! I honestly believe it will work and that tonight I will pull an amazing lr that I can dokkan awaken so please wish me luck!!! Nice hack!

  2. I love dragon Ball z! And Dokkan battle it gives me something to do everyday! But it gets harder to farm for dragon stones when you have completed about every dragon stone mission. Thanks to these cheats it’s awesome now!

  3. I really hope its work becuase sometimes I don’t know when the times are up,but I hope its world for me
    But it’s really good for hacking

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