Matchington Mansion Cheats

Matchington Mansion Cheats

Matchington Mansion Cheats – Get Instant Coins and Stars

If you enjoy playing online games where you need to build an enormous and extravagant mansion by solving puzzles then Matchington Mansion is the right game for you! Developed by Firecraft Studios, Matchington Mansion is an engrossing Match-3 mobile game where you need to complete various tasks by tapping and swapping the patterns on the grid and gradually building a unique mansion.




Matchington Mansion In-Game Currencies:

Coins and Stars are the two vital currencies of Matchington Mansion game, which are required for buying decorations, appliances, and furnishings that are in vogue. Coins are even helpful in purchasing additional power-ups such as the Silver Spoon, which can unlock a tile or let you buy more moves.

The easiest way to earn Stars and Coins is by completing various quests and reaching new levels in the game. Also, logging to the game each day will let you earn few amounts of in-game currencies. So, even if you do not have time to play the game on a particular day, you should at least login to earn free currencies. Signing up with social networking sites like Facebook is an easy method to earn 500 Coins instantly as a one-time income.

Completing the puzzles is not easy as you need to finish the grid in a fixed amount of steps. In case, you are finding it difficult to conclude the puzzle then you can use Coins for purchasing power-ups to earn extra steps. Also, you will be provided with 5 Lives, which replenishes every 13 minutes. However, you can make use of Coins to buy additional Lives as and when the need arises. Also, an important tip for succeeding in the game is that you should spend Coins on buying a new item for your mansion only after earning more than one thousand Coins. Always keep certain amount of Coins separately for spending on retries of a match.

In short, you will require in-game currencies in huge amounts to achieve victory in the game. Rather than grinding in the game to earn currencies, you may consider using Matchington Mansion Hack to generate Coins and Stars instantly. Hacking tools like Matchington Mansion cheats are safe to use as it is absolutely free of errors and bugs.

Make Friends:

Friends can be very helpful in the game, so you should allow some time to visit other player’s mansions. These friends usually have newer versions of furniture and decorations as compared to yours and are inexpensive to purchase. Moreover, you can even get ideas on how to design your mansion by checking their homes. To enhance the bonding with your friends, you should share free gifts with them on a regular basis.


Power-ups are vital for the game as they save your moves by clearing several tiles on the grid. At the end of the match, if you have some moves left then you can get them converted into Coins. Earning power-ups is not easy so whenever you acquire them, you should use them smartly. There are four different types of power-ups available in the game:

  • Dynamite can be used to clear surrounding areas.
  • Bunch of dynamites can wipe out bigger areas.
  • Two vertical or horizontal dynamites can be used for clearing the entire row or column.
  • Multi-Colored ball power-up should be used for wiping out all candies on the grid.

Overall, Matchington Mansion is an apt game to hone your interior designing skills by solving some challenging puzzles. Moreover, the matches do not require much time to complete, so you can enjoy the game during your short breaks. Although it is easy to earn Coins and Stars in the beginning, it gets tougher to acquire them in higher levels. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on purchasing in-game currencies, you can probably use Matchington Mansion hacks so that you always have enough currency to buy things for your mansion. So, play Matchington Mansion game today, and have fun!

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